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  1. Believing in Balance – It is widely accepted that good balance is the foundation of all successful sports activities. We suggest briefly introducing the principle of balance with a highly visual and interactive demonstration. (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Hoop Push – This balance exercise is for two young athletes and requires two hoops or designated circles. You can also use rubber donuts. (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Monkey Race – This exercise is fun for younger children but can easily challenge all age groups. All you need is one ball per young athlete. (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Leaning Tower of Pisa – Now let's move to a three-person exercise which not only teaches balance skills but also builds trust between the participants.  (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. 1,2,3 Sit – This balancing act is not only good for juniors of all ages but can really perk up a group of adults as well. Have the participants stand behind one another slightly less than an arm’s length apart.  (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Stay Out of the River – This balance exercise is an absolute crowd-pleaser.  Whether the younger children start by balancing on spots or start immediately on Dome Cones, it is an exercise that they will love doing over and over again.  (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Bean Bag Balance – In all sports with young children it’s important to use tools that they can succeed with.  In this balance-building exercise have the young athlete or group of children place a simple bean bag on their heads.  (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Team Stand-Up – This next balancing exercise works well to build both teamwork and camaraderie for many different age levels.  Have four or more children sit in a circle on the floor interlocking their arms. (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Partner Stand-Up – Another balancing skill-builder is called “Partner Stand-Up” and requires participants to be paired up and sitting down back to back.  On command, they're instructed to stand up without using their hands. (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video

  1. Magic Carpet – This drill is a fun way to get children used to the feel of sliding. It’s a sport-specific skill for baseball and also for playing tennis on clay courts in addition to winter activities on ice or snow. (more...)Includes an Oncourt Offcourt Video
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